Action 4 Sports Interviews New Rowe Football Coach

New McAllen Rowe head football coach/athletic coordinator Paul Reyes was a busy man Tuesday night, attending the Warriors' boys hoops game before going crosstown to McHi, where on parent's night, he escorted his daughter, Bulldogs point guard Joanna Reyes. Action 4 Sports caught up with the new coach for a quick interview.

On getting the Rowe job: "Just unbelievable. After 21 years in McAllen, it's my hometown, and to get my 1st head coaching position here, it doesn't get any better."

On his year at Mercedes: "(Tigers Head) Coach Uribe, whom I coached with for years at McHi, said it would be a great opportunity, and a great way to get my name out there for possible future openings. He was right, and I can't thank him enough for giving me that opportunity.

On his pair of senior quarterbacks at Rowe, Danny Navarro and Josh Gatling: "What they have in common is a great desire to win and to get the Warriors back to the playoffs. They're both so talented, if I can figure out a way to get them both on the field at the same time, I will."

On his daughter's senior season, and where she might play: "Everyone's been asking me that one, and I can say I truly don't know. Would I love to have her at Rowe with me? Sure. But it's her senior year, very important in her life, and I imagine she'll stay. I told her she'd get no pressure from me, it's completely her decision."