Football fight caught on tape

High school football fight caught on tape

Two high school football players were ejected from a Rio Grande Valley game following a brawl that was all caught on tape.

The on-field fight happened during the second half of the PSJA North at PSJA game on Friday night.

PSJA was leading the game 13-0 when Bears quarterback Jesse Navarro threw at 22-yard pass to receiver Alex Mancha.

Mancha caught the ball and ran a few more yards but ran into PSJA North Raiders defensive back Tony Esparza and two others.

A video of the game shows Mancha pushing Esparza down and then walking away.

Esparza then tries to come back for Mancha but is cut off by members of the PSJA Bears team.

The two teams erupted in a brawl that ends less than a minute later.

Game officials issued offsetting personal fouls for both teams and then ejected both Mancha and Esparza from the game.

PSJA and PSJA North share an intense rivalry.

Just earlier in the day on Friday a stuffed bear, presumably left for the PSJA Bears to see, was left hanging from the I Road overpass. .

The PSJA Bears beat the PSJA North Raiders with 13 to 7 as the final score.