Harlingen Cardinals take 'Bird Bowl XVIII' win

Suspended players did not affect the outcome of Bird Bowl XVIII for the Harlingen Cardinals.

The Cardinals and their crosstown rivals the Harlingen High School South Hawks met at Boggus Stadium on Friday evening for their annual football game.

The Hawks entered the field in the middle 17-game losing streaking. Harlingen South hasn't won a game since their 2008 season.

School district officials suspended several players from the Harlingen Cardinals following their arrests at a home where partying teens were caught with alcohol and marijuana.

The Cardinals also took a blow in the 1st Qtr of the game the when player #58 Mike Saldaa was removed from the field from an injury.

Officials said the injury was not serious and the Harlingen Cardinals ended by winning the game with 75-21 as the final score.

Harlingen police arrested two spectators during the game after they ran on the field in their underwear.

One of the suspects was wearing only black and red underwear signifying he was a Cardinals fan while the other had green speedos signifying he was a Hawks fan.

Officers told Action 4 News that that Cardinals fan is a juvenile and was taken to the police department.