Hidalgo Forfeits Three More Football Games

In an interview with Action 4 Sports, new Hidalgo Athletic Director/Head Football Coach Scott Ford confirms that the Pirates football program was forced to forfeit their three wins from the 2011 season after it was discovered an ineligible kicker played for the team. Ford, who came on the Hidalgo scene after the three UIL infractions the Pirates incurred last fall, added that stricter institutional control was one of the reasons he was hired last month.

The forfeiture decision came down last week at a District 32-4A Executive Committee meeting.

The three wins that were forfeited were to La Joya Juarez-Lincoln, Pharr Valley View, and Mercedes, changing those team's records to the following:

Merecedes Tigers: 5-6

La Joya Juarez-Lincoln Huskies: 3-7

Pharr Valley View Tigers: 2-8

Hidalgo Pirates: 0-10