Lasara forfeits to MMA amid concerns "players could get hurt"

Lasara Lions

A Rio Grande Valley football team has forfeited a Friday night football game over reported concerns that their "players could get hurt."

The Lasara Lions were expected to play Marine Military Academy (MMA) Leathernecks on Friday night.

But MMA Head Coach David Robledo said Lasara Superintendent Sara Alvarado called to forfeit the game two weeks ago.

Robledo said the Lasara superintendent told they were forfeiting out of concerns that players with the Lions "could get hurt."

Superintendent Alvarado could not immediately be reached for comment but Coach Robledo said MMA asked Lasara to reconsider.

MMA had scheduled parents weekend with Friday night's football game as one of the main events.

Coach Robledo said Alvarado took the matter to the school board but they upheld the decision to forfeit.

The forfeiture moves MMA up to 6-2 for the season while Lasara falls back to 1-5.