LIVE VIDEO: Thursday Night Football

The new project of streaming live games on is taking on more and more fans with each passing game.

This week there are games set on Thursday and Friday here in the Rio Grande Valley and already there are six games that are going to be available.

Tonight, we'll be streaming LIVE VIDEO from the following two games:

San Benito at McAllen Memorial Weslaco East at PSJA North

We'll also be provide LIVE SCORES from the following three games:

Edinburg Vela at La Joya Donna at Edinburg Harlingen South at Brownvsille Pace

Before I get into this week TMs games, let me take a quick look back at the games carried last week.

I had a chance to see PSJA North against Edcouch-Elsa on Thursday and then I was at the San Benito game in which the Cardinals of Harlingen came calling.

Each had their own share of stories and both are now available for viewing on archive and either is worth checking out for some great plays.

Edcouch-Elsa at PSJA North

PSJA North turned around from their week one loss to the Donna Redskins with an impressive win over the Yellowjackets.

According to their coaching staff it began with an attitude adjustment on defense. From where I saw it, that defense did some good things but it was that offense that started to come to life against a defense that is pretty darned good.

I had seen the Raiders in a pre-season match-up with Los Fresnos and it looked a lot more like that team than the one that played against Donna.

Edcouch-Elsa was by no means run off of the field in that game and when one looks at the glaring fact that they are still awaiting the return of their starting quarterback Eric Morales.

From an announcers point of view, there were plenty of plays in which it was easy to call.

Battle Of The Arroyo

The next game I had a chance to announce was the 83rd Battle of the Arroyo as Harlingen travelled to San Benito.

This one needed no hype but going in, there was a sense that something big was about to happen.

The Cardinals came in riding a winning streak over teams from this area that tallied in the years.

The Greyhounds were coming in off of a win over another of their rivals as they had taken down Los Fresnos.

Some 10,000 plus fans packed into Bobby Morrow Stadium to see if their team was the better on the night.

It was a Friday game which meant that our live stream had to be audio only. For fans wondering why this is, there is a simple answer.

Texas UIL rules dictate that no games can be carried live with video anywhere I n the state. Therefore we take the games live with audio and then allow for the video to be aired sometime around an hour after the game comes to an end.

Calling that game with a radio touch is about as natural for me as anything I do here as an Action 4 Sports Reporter. Add to that my former announcing partner Mario Madrano from San Benito TMs KSBG/TV and it became an easy call to make.

As for the game. The Greyhounds and the Cardinals played to a 0-0 tie heading into the locker rooms at half-time.

I remember talking about it during half-time that, between the two, it was the Cardinals probably saying what if a bunch more than the Greyhounds.

On the replay you will see a dropped pass early in the game that would have at least set up the Cards in good shape deep in San Benito territory.

Then to close out the half, a missed field goal also became a missed opportunity for the Cardinals.

From there the game had one more what if that occurred in the third quarter when the Cardinals had a golden opportunity to score a touchdown after a turn-over. The settled for a field goal on that try but could have easily been up a couple of scores by then and totally turned the game around.

As you watch the replay of the game, you will see that as the game progressed, the Greyhounds began to play with more and more confidence. By the time the final horn had sounded and the Hounds had won, it was almost as if they had been the favorite in a game that had them at best with a 50/50 chance going in.

Coach Spencer Gantt spoke with me after that game and brought up a great sideline story about the trophy given out at the end of that game. It seems he was the offensive coordinator for Harlingen when the Greyhounds lost it. Now as the head coach, he brought it back home.

Other Games

Our other games streamed last week are all up and running with archives.

I clicked on the Harlingen South game and heard my broadcast friend Aaron Seigns.

Fans if ySan Benito at McAllen MemorialWeslaco East at PSJA Northou want a guy that brings to life the play after the play then he is top shelf material.

Then there is the Weslaco-Donna game. I saw a little of that game the other night and fans let me tell you, the camera work and the production crew there give those games the feel of an NFL game at times.

On the subject of film and production crews, that bunch over with the PSJA ISD was simply amazing Thursday night.

I was announcing that game as they were still hooking up cameras and running cables. As you watch that archive you will see that the game goes from a single camera to a multiple camera shoot on the fly.

This Week's Games

This week I am going to be at McAllen Memorial vs San Benito. That means live audio and video on a Thursday night with a pair of good teams. Sane Benito will look to go 3-0 to start the season and McAllen Memorial will try and go to 2-1. 7:00 kick-off on that one and I encourage you to tune in.

Our other live game Thursday night is a match-up at PSJA Stadium when PSJA North brings in Weslaco East. That also is a 7:00 kick-off with live streaming audio and video.

On Friday night, there will be a minimum of four games carried with live audio streams. McAllen will be a hot spot when McAllen takes on McAllen Rowe.

PSJA stadium has a pair of PSJA schools with the Bears taking on PSJA Memorial. Another game on Friday features the Harlingen Cardinals as they take on Brownsville Rivera and our final game of the week is CC Tuloso-Midway at Mission. Remember those games are all going to be available with audio and video approximately an hour after they end. All will have streaming audio live.

So off I run. I have to be at a game here in very short period of time. AS I do so I leave you with this.

What you are seeing is a project that is growing daily. The number of games and the number of teams covered seems to gain numbers every time the phone rings.

The thousands that have already joined in watching and listening to the games are also gaining fans as word spreads out about the games.

Last week alone, there was feedback from fans catching the games locally, around the state, from across the country and from places throughout the world.

Join us if you will and pass the word to friends, family and fans alike.

Until next week, enjoy the games and here TMs hoping your team wins!