Upgraded Boggus Stadium Ready for Football Season

High School Football is just around the corner and stadiums everywhere will be busy all over and especially here in the Rio Grande Valley. One stadium that has already been busy, all summer long, is in Harlingen where Boggus Stadium has undergone many changes.

School officials are saying that these changes are part of a project that began over 20 years ago. Funds recently became available from a bond and changes to the stadium and to the field have taken place.

Fans attending games will see one of the changes immediately as the playing surface has been switched from natural grass to a synthetic turf. Officials say that with demands placed on the fields from two high schools and multiple middle schools, the switch made sense at this time.

A new track is also in place which officials are saying is important to hosting some of the bigger meets.

Other changes include additional seating on the visitor TMs side, a new press box on the visitor TMs side and newly constructed bleachers on the north end-zone. Handicapped areas are now set up on both sides of the field in the areas that are now permanent. Prior to the changes, the visitor TMs handicap section was located on the track. Officials are saying that this will allow all of the fans to be together and it will make for better viewing of the games for all involved. The area beneath the visitor TMs bleachers has also been modified which will give track athletes shelter from the sun. Previously this area had been locker rooms and storage areas.

Head Coach for the Harlingen Cardinals, Manny Gomez, says that the new surface can help his players prepare for playing on turf when the play-offs come around but he also notes that, to him, there is no change in how they will go about preparing for a game. In his words, We TMd play in a back yard or a parking lot. It doesn TMt matter.

The changes are complete and the stadium is ready for the first contest to be held. Current schedule has this as a pre-season scrimmage, August 17.