Clay WilliamsSports Director

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Clay Williams came to the Rio Grande Valley after stops in Boston, Baltimore, Sherman, Texas; and Dallas, but was raised several miles north on Highway 83.

Several hundred miles, actually right on the border between the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles.

Outfitted in a set of Dallas Cowboys pajamas at the age of three, Clay owes his first sports allegiance to America's Team, with the Boston Red Sox, Boston Bruins, & Oklahoma State Cowboys also figuring into the mix.

But when it comes to his position as Sports Director at CBS 4, Clay's passion is for local sports: football, basketball, baseball, wrestling, tennis or golf on the high school or college level. Or other sports like boxing, pro hockey, auto racing and even kite boarding.

No matter the competition, Clay is enthusiastic about bring the story to Valley residents.

Clay is married and lives in Harlingen. He and his wife have two children.