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      Mostly cloudy to just plain cloudy now through Wednesday with a slight chance for some patchy drizzle or a brief shower through Tuesday. Another cold front will settle south across the Valley late Tuesday through early Wednesday shifting winds to the north and driving up the chance for rain through the middle of the week. Clearing but much cooler weather behind the the front leaves the Thursday forecast mostly sunny but daytime highs will struggle in the low 60's after morning lows in the upper 40's. Clear and cool lasts through the end of the week.

      Monday: Cloudy with drizzle or isolated light showers, high 65.

      Tuesday: Cloudy with drizzle or isolated light showers, high 73.

      Wednesday: Mostly cloudy turning cloudy with widely scattered showers and a chilly north wind, high 62.

      Thursday: Clearing and cool, high 61.

      Friday: Clear and cool, high 68.

      Saturday: Partly cloudy and warmer, high 71.

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