Weather Sketchers makes a difference in the classroom

If there is one thing about the news that kids are into, its the weather.

Action 4 News offers children from across the valley the chance to be part of our 24/7 weather team.

From San Benito to Brownsville, over to Rio Grande City and just about everywhere in between, Valley schools have mailed in loads of smiling suns and twisted tornadoes.

These junior forecasters will be the first to tell you, there is more to weather sketchers than just having fun.

"We look at the weather and we like draw it, so we remember what the weather was," said 7th grade student Cynthia Rodriguez.

Miller Jordan Middle School meteorology instructor David Smith includes Action 4 News Sunrise in his curriculum.

"My weather sketchers get the opportunity to be creative. They get the opportunity to become more motivated about the weather," said Smith.

The students present a forecast in front of their peers, after the class steps outside to see the weather conditions for themselves.

The goal is to learn by doing.

Smith said his students got excited when they saw their creations show up on television and brought that energy right back to the classroom.

One student has even chosen meteorology as his career goal.

"I'm encouraged and that corroborates the fact that I TMm making a difference," said Smith.

Submit your drawings on our Weather Sketchers Page or mail them to:

Action 4 News Sunrise9201 W. Express Way 83Harlingen, TX 78552