Elias Ramos- IDEA College Prep in San Juan- STEM Teacher of the Month

Elias Ramos- STEM Teacher of the Month

Elias Ramos teachers technology applications for 8th graders and project based learning for 7th graders at IDEA College Preparatory School in San Juan.

On our visit we observed the technology applications class where he's teaching skills for success in high school and beyond.

"Its hands on, it really prepares us for everything that we're going to see in high school and even in the future because you're going to use word documents and e-mails for the rest of your life for business and assignments in college," said 8th grader Angela Olvera.

"They need an e-mail, they already know how because they did it with me they need to do a power point- boom they already know how because they did it with me", said Ramos.

"He's a wonderful teacher and besides just talking about technology he teaches about everything in life. He's always there for us he's by our side one of those teachers I can go to for anything that I want," said 8th grader Audrey Ramirez

Ramirez adds, "He's always there for us especially because I've had him since kindergarten so we've been through a lot"

"He's hands on he shows us how to do everything whenever we have a question he's always asking us and he's always willing to help us," said 8th grader Omar Espiricueta

Ramos has been working at Idea Public School in San Juan since it opened in 2009.

"I went to PSJA graduated here and I've been here all my life. My whole family is pretty much in education so I thought might as well step into their footsteps," said Ramos.

And you don't have to go far to find this instruction is working.

"All the skills I learned my 8th grade year I'm implementing them throughout my high school Freshman year and Sophomore year cause we use that alot and in high school it's mostly turning in our assignments through the internet and Google drive all that I learned my 8th grade year," said 12th grader Larissa Rendon.

Ramos plans to keep sharing his knowledge with students for the foreseeable future.

"Every year we get asked what are your plans for the future? I'm like hey as long as you keep me here I'll be here teaching."

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