Money Talks News: Spinach and Leek Quiche

I'm Stacy Johnson and this is celebrity chef, David Rosov.David's the executive chef and the owner of Palm Beach Personal Chefs. David's going to cook a feast for us today.He's going to feed a family of four for less than $15. What's it going to be, David? We've got a quiche today that anyone can prepare at home. Very simple to make. Cool. What goes in it?Cheese, eggs, pie crust, cream, spinach, leeks and onions.Chef, I see you've already got us started, what are you up to? Stacy, we have our sauteed onions, leeks and spinach.We're going to fold it into the bowl. We're going to add our eggs with our onion soup mix. Very simple. We have our cheese and our cream.We're going to fold it all together.We have our quiche crust and it goes right into the oven. It's very simple. What s quiche? Quiche is basically a French egg pie.We just put this in the oven. Right into the oven at 375 for 35 minutes. And it's that simple. And now through the magic of television, our quiche is already prepared. It's looking pretty good.Let's see how it's tasting. And it is so good!This is a good amount, to feed a large group of people. How much did it cost?Stacy, $13 to feed a family of 4 to 8. Now that is a screaming deal and folks, you know what you need now? The recipe!Go to and do a search for Frugal Family Feast.I'm Stacy Johnson for Money Talks News.

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