Money Talks News: The Best Ways to Get Free Stuff

"One's from the 80s and one's from the 70s as far as I can make out and they sound beautiful."

Meet Peter Warner, aka "Freebie Pete." When he wanted a guitar, and didn't have the money to buy one, he turned to "Freecycle," a site connecting people giving things away with those looking for free stuff.

"What's somebody's trash, someone else can use, that's a beautiful thing."

But Pete also pays it forward. He's given away baby gear on "Freecycle."

"A lovely young pregnant lady came along and she was happy to receive them. She was most happy and we felt good about that as well."

If free strikes the right chord with you, don't stop with Freecycle, because there are lots of places you acn find free stuff.

First: Several companies, like Freedom Pop, offer free Internet and free cellular service plans.

Next: Free products from Amazon. If you write helpful reviews, and you could be invited to become an Amazon Vine member. You'll try out new and early-release products in exchange for an objective review.

Another way to get free stuff: get it from companies.

You can often get free samples and things like that by hooking up with them on social media.

You might want to get a separate email address for this, though, because you know you're going to end up on mailing lists.

Another idea: Free lodging and tour guides on sites such as

Also: free clothes, furniture, books and more can be found on craigslist, eBay classifieds and,an auction site for free stuff.

Finally, free after rebate for things like office supplies. Just remember to follow instructions, send it in and get that check.

Bottom line... there are plenty of places you can find things for a song.

And you should! What you need now is a list of more places to find free stuff and I've got a monster list waiting for you right here at

Just do a search for "Free stuff."

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