Money Talks: When the Fur Flies

Air travel is tough these days - and not just for humans.

If you're going to bring that pet on the plane with you, you might pay from $75 to $125 per leg. They're also going to count that pet carrier as a carry-on bag. And finally, you might need certificates to prove your pet's health and vaccinations.

If you TMre checking them as baggage, prices can be as low as $75 each way and as high as 650 bucks or more, depending on weight of the animal, the crate and the airline. If they TMre traveling alone? Pricing is based on the size, weight and distance. International rates and rules vary.

Pets are going to require reservations, so call ahead so you know the rules... Beware also if you're going to check that pet as baggage, they've got to have a cage where they can stand up and turn around. And they may not even be able to fly at all if they're of a certain breed and if the temperature is below 45 or above 85, some airlines won TMt take them then either.

Bottom line? When the fur flies, things can get complicated. Book early and sniff out the best deal. And if you need to dig up more information, take a trip to and do a search for "Pets."

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