Port Isabel residents to vote on 3 propositions that could bring big changes to the city

port isabel bond.jpg

As Cameron County residents continue to vote in the midterm election, residents in Port Isabel could bring a big change to the city.

"Port Isabel has a large backlog of unmet needs, repairs that need to be done. I think if you drove to several of our streets, they're in poor condition. We have some buildings that need to be renovated or expanded and some of the parks need some upgrades," City Manager, Jared Hockema, said.

To pay for that, the city proposed a bond election. It would raise taxes by about 7 cents per every $100 property value.

"The street right here definitely needs some work done. I would like to see it, seeing how we do have a business and we have a lot of traffic going in and out of here," Janelle Vasquez, who works at a local business, said.

There are three propositions on the ballot.

Prop A will spend $4.1 million on street and drainage improvements.

Prop B calls for $750,000 to improve city building and facilities.

And Prop C allocates $1.1 million to parks and recreation, including the Laguna Madre Youth Center.

"We feel it’s important for there to be transparency and for the public to know this money is going for this purpose, and this purpose alone. Once the bond is paid, the tax goes away," Hockema said.

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