Vote 2018 – Hidalgo County Judge

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Hidalgo County has two choices for Hidalgo County Judge this midterm election, Republican Jane Cross and Democrat Richard Cortez.

One candidate has no experience in politics and the other is headed for their third title.

"We can make a difference in this county and it won’t cost the taxpayer an arm and a leg," said Cross.

"I want to be efficient and effective at providing services at the lowest cost," said Cortez.

Cross doesn't really have experience in politics, but that is exactly why the Republican nominee says she is a good fit for the Hidalgo County judge candidacy.

Cross would be the first women to be Hidalgo County’s Judge, if she wins this November.

"I don’t know all the back door dealings, and who promised who to who, and how many things go on because Hidalgo County has been the most corrupt county in the state of Texas," said Cross.

Cross says she picked her slogan, “Vamonos a la Ching” to be a part of her campaign because she is fed up of all the corruption that happens in Hidalgo County.

Democratic candidate, Richard Cortez says his experience as former mayor of McAllen can help him as county judge.

"We built a convention center that was over $50 million, so we have had a lot of construction projects that is going to help me,” said Cortez.

Cross says Hidalgo County is the highest taxed county in the state and as a business owner she can sympathize with residents.

"I got my tax statement and thought, I’m going to have to sell my business to pay for my taxes," said Cross.

Cortez says his mission is to unite the 22 cities in Hidalgo County and use money wisely.

"One of the ways that we can leverage our monies here locally is to get more money from the State of Texas and more money from the federal government," said Cortez.

Now, both candidates leave the final decision to Hidalgo County residents.

Early voting ends this Friday with Election Day on November 6.

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