Vote 2018: Cameron County Judge race

(Source: KGBT Photo)

Former Texas Secretary of State Carlos Cascos and current Cameron County Judge Eddie Trevino Jr. are gunning for the county’s highest administration seat.

Cascos used to hold the county judge seat before Trevino preceded him.

Both men say they are committed to improving the county.

Cascos served as county judge from 2006 to 2015. He was re-elected in 2014, but left office when he was appointed by Governor Greg Abbott for Texas Secretary of State. He served until 2017.

He tells CBS 4 that it was the people that asked him to run.

"I kept getting calls on a weekly basis about running. They were not happy with the way the county appeared to be going. I agree with them," said Cascos.

Trevino says Cascos quit on the people of the county before serving his term after re-election.

"An individual, an elected leader who decides to quit either at the beginning or mid-stream or whenever, it has the potential to have a negative impact on the community," said Trevino Jr.

According to Cascos this happens all the time.

"Which is not uncommon, if you look at it, I think there's a lot of political people that resign or don't fulfill their term."

Both candidates said there are some things that need to be changed.

Trevino wants to move the west rail project in Brownsville forward, along with developing a regional Metropolitan Planning Organization.

Cascos wants to do something about the second South Padre Island Causeway, saying the project is in limbo.

Early voting ends Friday, November 2. Election Day is Tuesday, November 6.

For early voting locations, click here.

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