Election 2015: Letty Lopez defeats Lupe Rivera during Weslaco District 5 rematch

Challenger Letty Lopez (left) and District 5 Commissioner Lupe Rivera (right). A judge ordered a new election after reviewing allegations of voter fraud during the November 2013 campaign. (Nora Salinas / CBS 4 News)

Challenger Letty Lopez narrowly defeated Weslaco District 5 City Commissioner Lupe Rivera on Tuesday night.

Lopez defeated Rivera 352 to 313, according to the Elections Department, which posted the results at Weslaco City Hall.

For Rivera and challenger Lopez, the hard-fought District 5 campaign was deja vu.

Rivera narrowly won the District 5 seat during November 2015.

Lopez, though, filed a lawsuit alleging voter fraud. After a four-day trial, state District Judge Judge Menton Murray Jr. ordered a new election. Rivera appealed, stalling the rematch until November 2015.

Investigators with the Texas Attorney General's Officer reviewed evidence from the trial and charged Rivera with 16 misdemeanor charges. He's scheduled for arraignment about two weeks after Election Day.

Early Voting Results

City Commission Place 1 (Final)

Leo Munoz: 358

Oscar Rios: 37

David Fox: 135

City Commission District 4 (Final)

Gerardo "Jerry" Tafolla: 352

Rafael Caballero: 311

City Commission District 5 (Final)

Lupe Rivera: 313

Letty Lopez: 352

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