Low percentage of Valley residents exercise their right to vote

The Rio Grande Valley stands out as one of the places with the lowest voter turnout in Texas but officials are working to change that.

The deadline to register to vote for the November elections on October 9th but many Valley residents aren TMt even registered.

Early voting starts on October 22nd, but the reasons why people aren TMt registered to vote are plenty as they are varied.

Some told Action 4 News that don TMt have time or others said work is interfering.

The Hidalgo County-based AACT Now campaign seeks to improve voter turnout.

According to the group, only two in 10 Valley voters cast their ballots in the last election.

Although older voters understand the importance of exercising their right to vote, the challenge is passing it along to younger generation.

As of May, nearly half a million Valley residents were registered to vote in the November election.

Nearly half of them were in Hidalgo County alone.

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