16-year-old speaking out on government shutdown and border wall controversy

“It’s been a tight situation but we are working through it,” says the daughter of a Border Patrol Agent, whose family is affected by the government shutdown.

A Border Patrol Agent's daughter is speaking out about the government shutdown and the controversy of a border wall.

16-year-old Tory Roberts spoke with CBS 4 about how the shutdown is affecting her family.

"My dad has been on furlough and my mom might be furloughed, so it's been a tight situation but we're working through it," said Roberts.

Tory's dad, who is a veteran, patrols the RGV border. Her mom, also a military veteran, works for Veteran Affairs. Tory says even though the shutdown is affecting her family, she stands by it.

"I believe it's worth it because the stories my dad has told me that people put drugs in babies diapers, that they're here to sell drugs, not only just to look for a better life because I do have sympathy for those looking for a better life, but I feel majority of the people are not," says Roberts.

Many parts of the border wall in the Rio Grande Valley have gaps, but with border funding, Tory believes they will close and create a complete wall- something she says will help border patrol agents, like her father, do their job.

"It will allow more time for the agents to go and capture the illegal immigrants before they cross the border," said Roberts.

The high school sophomore, born and raised in the Rio Grande Valley, says she's faced bullying over her political beliefs.

"Even at school, a lot of times when I say I'm for the border wall people pick on me and say 'oh she's so weird why is she for the border wall. oh the Trump supporter is coming, or watch out she might build a wall against you," said Roberts.

According to a recent report released by RGV Border Patrol, agents are averaging 400 apprehensions daily, but some days are much higher, topping over 700 arrests every day.

However, Tory believes it's impossible to catch every single person who tries to cross.

"We don't know the number of how many get away, only the number we caught and I think that's shocking, because we don't ever really have a full number of how many are in the country and how many are even there," said Roberts.

She is hopeful her family's sacrifice will not only bring border security, but updated immigration laws.

The government shutdown is now on Day 26.

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