3 men arrested following McAllen crime spree

A business owner demonstrates how burglars broke into his business.

Business owners in McAllen are on edge after they were victims of a crime spree earlier this week.

Police investigated multiple incidents in a span of just 24 hours, and they say the evidence points to the same three suspects.

"I got the call from the secretary, when they came in the morning that we had been robbed and vandalized," said Jose Escobedo, owner of Joe’s Salon.

His salon, just one of the few business suites on main street hit Monday morning by three men.

"They ransacked the whole place, knocked down all the doors, pushed them in with their feet, ransacked everything they flipped furniture, broke computers, they stole equipment they stole my equipment money," said Escobedo.

The burglars broke into Mario Davila Law Firm, and Mosh Beauty Studio.

“They our stole machinery, money and products,” said Claudia Leal, owner of Mosh.

Leal, says the damages to her studio are estimated to be around $4,000.

Surveillance cameras from the law firm catching the men in action, starting into the camera and then ripping it off the wall said Escobedo.

The men attempted to break into Rafael Pacheco's office, by kicking the door but where unsuccessful and instead left his office with a cracked glass window.

"They attempted to enter the premises, but you know what thank god they didn’t," said Pacheco.

While the McAllen police department was investigating the burglaries at the main street location,

other officers were investigating three car break-ins just blocks away from each other, and the suspects weren’t done yet.

Officers were called to another incident at a nearby residence.

While police officers where on the way, they recognized two men who looked familiar from the surveillance description.

“It turned out that those where the guys that robbed our building,” said Escobedo.

Escobedo wants everyone to know, as a victim of a crime during the holidays, to keep a sharp eye as the season continues and crime rates are known to rise.

The three suspects were arrested and taken to Hidalgo County Jail.

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