Action 4 Investigation leads to national debate

An Action 4 News investigation into the food stamp system exposes big problems.

The story reported by Action 4 News Anchor Joey Horta captured national attention after a tax payer revealed what he claims is abuse of the system.

The clerk came forward with a Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP account balance of more than $7,000.

According to the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, known by many as food stamps, SNAP balances rollover from month to month indefinitely.

The state considers it legal, because there is no cap.

More than 1,500 people commented to Action 4 News on Facebook, Twitter and, and nearly all consider it to be abuse.

Action 4 took that receipt to Texas State Representative Terry Canales of Edinburg.

Rep. Canales responded by saying I had never heard of this issue until you brought it to light.

The State Representative began researching the rollover balances, saying if a person has that much money on their Lone Star card, then they must not need the assistance.

If they needed it, many agree, they would not have thousands of dollars racked up.

National Headlines

Action 4 News Anchor Joey Horta TMs investigation on food stamp abuse has reached a national audience.

First KURV Radio interview Horta in a live segment, then WBAP radio in Dallas interviewed him live.

The story later reached news personality Glenn Beck TMs broadcast.

The Action 4 News Report was also featured on Bill O TMReilly TMs "The O TMReilly Factor" on the FOX News Network March 27.

The national attention has sparked a national conversation about how the food stamp program is set up.

Taking Action

State Rep. Terry Canales confirmed that after the Action 4 News investigation, he is now in the process of drafting a bill in the Texas House of Representatives which would limit the amount of funds that can rollover.

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