AEP Texas busting myths about smart meters

In a traveling mobile unit, AEP Texas officials are dispelling what they call smart meter myths and educating people in the community about smart meters.

Over 450,000 smart meters have already been installed across Texas.

AEP Texas explained smart meters communicates your energy use and replace a visit from the meter men, but the concern that they give off too much radiation has company officials in town talking about what's true and not true. Officials are dispelling what they call smart meter myths and believe there is no evidence that points to smart meters harming anyone's health.

They're also talking about invasion of privacy.

AEP Texas said that a smart meter will transmit how much energy you use six times a day.

It does not transmit the time you use it or from what source.

Homeowners will have the opportunity to track their own energy use if they want to by being required to by certain accessories that could tell you at exactly what time you are using the most energy or from what appliance you are using the most energy.

The mobile unit will be at the Onion Festival in Weslaco March 24-25.

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