Affidavits shed new details on Harlingen murder

On Wednesday, Dec. 5, Ruben Rodriguez was arrested and faced a first degree murder charge.

CBS 4 has learned new details in the murder of Harlingen resident, Honorio Garza.

Garza’s body was found on Tuesday, Dec. 4 just before 9:30 a.m at the Wilson apartments located at the 1500 block of North Commerce in Harlingen.

According to a preliminary autopsy report, Garza’s cause of death was homicide.

On Wednesday, Dec. 5, Ruben Rodriguez was arrested and faced a first degree murder charge.

According to documents attained by CBS 4, Garza was found by the driver of the adult day care he attended. The driver said when he arrived to pick up Garza on the morning of Dec. 4, Garza’s front door was wide open. The driver walked inside the apartment and found Garza unresponsive on the floor with possible blunt force trauma to his face. It is believed that Rodriguez used an unknown weapon to beat Garza, ultimately bringing him to his death.

According to witnesses, Garza and Rodriguez had been seen together in the past. The night prior to Garza’s body being found, one witness says they heard arguing and loud banging on the walls. Neighbors also say that Rodriguez was known to be very aggressive towards everyone and had threatened to kill people in the past.

According to affidavits, on the morning of Dec. 5, investigators went to Rodriguez’s apartment to talk to him. Upon their arrival, they found Rodriguez intoxicated and arrested him on public intoxication charges. Once at the city jail, officers were able to see that Rodriguez had blood stains on his forearms and cuts to his hands and legs. When investigators tested a sample of the blood found on Rodriguez, it tested positive for human blood.

Rodriguez was arraigned on Dec. 5th and charged with murder according to documents attained by CBS 4. He is being held on a $500,000 bond.

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