After losing by just 4 votes, Alamo mayoral candidate may request recount

After narrowly losing the Alamo mayoral race, Commissioner Trinidad "Trino" Medina may request a recount.

Medina lost the mayoral race by just 4 votes, according to preliminary results published by the Hidalgo County Elections Department.

"We are going to see about doing a recount and then take it from there," Medina said.

Any request for a recount would be submitted to the City of Alamo, which had not received a formal request by Thursday afternoon. Recounts involve literally re-counting ballots, not challenging the legitimacy of voters who cast them.

"A recount is not a time to challenge a vote," said Hidalgo County Elections Administrator Yvonne Ramon, who added: "It's simply a time to ask to count what was already counted."

Challenging the legitimacy of ballots cast and counted during the race would require a lawsuit.

For Mayor Diana Martinez, though, the small margin made all the difference.

"I'm relieved. I'm relieved that the people responded and I won," Martinez said. "Four votes. That's a win."

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