Suspect who took car in Alamo arrested

Alamo Police are looking for a suspect that took a vehicle from a residence and then returned the vehicle after taking it for a joyride.

UPDATE: According to Alamo police, the man who took a car and later returned has been arrested.

He will be arraigned Tuesday morning.

Officers say the man was captured on surveillance video attempting to get into other cars.

Right now, he faces a charge for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and two counts of burglary.



The search is on for a man police say not only gained access to a truck, but took it for a joyride.

Alamo Police are describing this case as a unique one because the suspect returned the vehicle.

And they add that usually people would either take the vehicle across the border or sell it.

According to Alamo Police, the male suspect was walking around a neighborhood at about two in the morning and managed to get into one vehicle.

Surveillance video shows the suspect driving off in the truck as he found the spare keys inside and hours later returned the vehicle.

The owners of the truck said they found a knife near the vehicle that did not belong to them.

"And the first thing that goes through your head is maybe he used his knife to commit a crime or he did something and then came back and planted the evidence here,” said Erica Vecchio of Alamo. “Another thing my son said is well if I heard something I would've gone out."

Additional surveillance video from other residents shows the suspect tried to access their vehicles as well.

"I just saw that in the cameras that he just went walking back over here and then first he just stopped right here a little while,” said Marcelo Pena of Alamo. “And then he went to the car right over here and then he just approached it and tried to open it, but then with no success he just went over here.”

At this time, with the assistance of DPS, Alamo Police are investigating how the suspect gained entry into the vehicle, but they do advise others to make sure all doors are locked and to avoid leaving any valuables or personal belongings inside.

The suspect has yet to be identified and could be facing a state jail felony for the unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

If you have any information on this incident, you're asked to contact Alamo Crime Stoppers at 956-702-8477.

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