American Consulate speaks about U.S.military presence in Matamoros

American military officials get escorted down Calle Sexta in Matamoros // Source: Twitter

United States officials are speaking out about a meeting between American and Mexican military officials in Matamoros that drew the curiosity of hundreds of onlookers.

A group of American military officials crossed Brownsville's B&M International Bridge on Wednesday morning.

Heavily armed Mexican soldiers in Humvee's escorting the American military officials creating curiosity, confusion and fear for some Matamoros residents.

But officials with the American Consulate in Matamoros told Action 4 News that the military officers were there for a routine meeting and there is no need for alarm.

In a statement released Thursday evening, consulate officials said the American military delegation was met at the bridge and escorted to the meeting.

Authorities are not saying what was discussed during the meeting but reported they were routine, binational discussions.

The American military officials returned to Texas around 12:30 p.m. Wednesday.

American Consulate Statement

The U.S. Defense Attach Office in Mexico City routinely coordinates meetings with SEDENA officials to discuss cooperation and areas of mutual interest throughout the country.

On December 14 a delegation from the DAO and Army North entered Mexico at SEDENA TMs invitation to join these routine discussions. The delegation was met by SEDENA officials at the Port of Entry and escorted to the meeting; the US delegation departed Mexico at 12:30 p.m.

These discussions contribute to the many examples of our mutual cooperation in the strong U.S.-Mexico bilateral relationship, one which is based on multi-layered security, economic, and social cooperation.

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