Attorney facing embezzlement allegations, sends suicidal text messages

Suicidal text messages caused friends of an Edinburg man to visit his home on Shay Lane this morning.

Action 4 News has learned through property and court records the house is owned by McAllen based attorney Jacques Trevino.

Trevino is the former Edinburg Consolidated School District Attorney.

Prior to that he worked for Weslaco Independent School District and was once a teacher then a principal.

His erratic behavior came as the Hidalgo County District Attorneys Officer prepares to indict him on allegations of embezzlement.

"He took money that didn't belong to him, as far as I know on one incident," DA Rene Guerra said.

Guerra said Trevino allegedly embezzled $92,000 from the Edinburg school district.

The investigation into the missing money started more than a year ago.

During that time Trevino has been arrested for not paying child support and has picked up a drug charge when officers found a small amount of cocaine on him.

"It's sad, but alot of things that have happened to him are voluntary," Guerra said.

Trevino contract with E.C.I.S.D was not renewed.

Since then sources said he has developed a drug addiction.

After this morning TMs stand-off, he was taken to the hospital for treatment.

It TMs not yet clear what provoked Trevino TMs behavior, but as he recovers from a possible prescription drug overdoes, Hidalgo County prosecutors are preparing to prevent evidence to a grand jury showing he embezzled public funds.

"I expect the grand jury to indict him on the evidence we will present, Guerra said. I do believe he has done harm to the Edinburg School District."

Police said criminal charges may be filed from the standoff but for now they TMve requested a psychological evaluation be done.

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