Attorney says witness in Mission election trial lied under oath

Although a decision in the trial between former and current Mission mayor has been ruled, the findings are far from over.

Although a decision in the trial between former and current Mission Mayor has been ruled, the findings are far from over.

Attorney Rick Salinas says he has new evidence that wasn't revealed in time for the trial, but he's ready to spill it all now.

"We want another election, I want to see some criminal sanction be brought against the proper people that are responsible," said Rick Salinas, who is representing his father, former Mission mayor Beto Salinas.

An affidavit says Marco Perez, a known political consultant who provides voter data for campaigns, met with Esmeralda Lara, one of the witnesses who testified that she was paid by Beto Salinas' campaign to discuss the campaign, but not to conspire together.

According to court affidavits, the pair met in May so Esmeralda could tell Marco Perez that she was working for the Dr. Armando O'caña campaign.

In the affidavit, Perez says he wasn't working for either party and left the meeting between the two.

Perez's attorney, Richard Gonzales, says when Esmeralda Lara was called to the stand, she did not tell the truth.

"My client wants to make it very very clear that absolutely all of her testimony was false," said Gonzales.

During the trial, which ended last Friday with Judge Dorsey throwing out the June runoff election, Lara testified under oath that she was working for Marco Perez and not harvesting votes.

"However my client came forward with information, a picture of a text message," said Perez.

That text message which was allegedly sent by Mrs. Lara shows multiple mail-in ballots in her possession.

None of this new information will go to the Court of Appeals, however Gonzales says he wanted to make sure Perez's name was cleared.

"All of the evidence we have is being turned over to authorities," said Gonzales.

Dr. Armando O'caña remains the Mission mayor and is appealing the court's decision.

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