Authorities warn parents about "drug candy"

    Authorities warn parents about “drug candy” (Source McAllen Police)

    On Friday, McAllen police along with state and federal agencies seized candy containing tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, an active ingredient found in marijuana.

    The packaging replicated candy bags found in most stores.

    And while the edibles were not a new finding, it's an uncommon seizure in the Rio Grande Valley, according to Rudy Maldonado, assistant special agent in charge for the Drug Enforcement Administration.

    “Most edibles we usually see them in states that have recreational marijuana, states like Colorado or California,” Maldonado said.

    Maldonado said often this type of packaging is intended to attract a younger crowd.

    “The packaging is very similar to the real candy and if parents don't pay attention to the lettering or the spelling on the candy, it's very easy to bring it into the house or the school without anyone noticing,” he said.

    According to Maldonado, edible use is on the rise in the Rio Grande Valley.

    But it’s also a dangerous trend.

    “With smoking marijuana, it usually the effects come in a few minutes,” Maldonado said. “With the edibles, it may take two or three hours, so a lot of the time if they don't feel any effects, they consume more.”

    Right now, investigators are not disclosing details about the candy drug seizure, citing an open investigation.

    However, Joel Morales, lieutenant with the McAllen urged parents to be on the lookout.

    "Be aware,” Morales said. “This is contraband. It's laced with marijuana and it imitates commercially available candy."

    You can find the DEA guide for drug prevention tips here

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