Bicycle store owner urging safety for bicyclists following Sunday crash

(Source: KGBT Photo)

Several local bicyclists and runners in the area are learning about the fatal accident that took the life of one of their own. That’s after a woman was hit by a car as she cycled on her bike on FM 106 in Harlingen.

It’s a route Rachel Molina says she runs and cycles through four times a week. But after hearing what happened Sunday morning, she believes it’s even more important to take more precaution.

"We run through that route and just to hear that somebody passed running there is just terrible," Molina said. "You have to have some kind of reflective gear o. Because at night, you cannot see in mornings, you cannot see. I have driven by and I can’t even see them and I’m always cautious of that. If I do see someone, I move over to that next lane to give them that room."

Which is why she stopped by Bicycle World in Harlingen to pick up additional gear.

Rick Sieja, the manager at the store, encourages bicyclist to wear reflective clothes, ride with lights and ride in groups. An investment he says is well worth your life.

"Making yourself visible by lights. People generally get their eyes caught by seeing the lights flashing so we usually recommend running with a red tail light. You can have it on a flash mode, as well as a steady mode. The most important would be the back light," Sieja said.

He says its important because it alerts the driver and keeps bicyclist and runners safe. Sieja has been a bicyclist for over 14 years and says it’s very important to watch your surroundings because you can never be too safe.

"We like to ride on the country open roads and we like to ride were there’s shoulders. So as long as you’re in a shoulder, you have a little bit more protection there," he said.

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