Border Patrol agent who rescued abandoned 3-year-old girl in Rio Grande speaks out

(Source: U.S. Customs and Border Protection)

A Border Patrol Agent, who rescued a 3-year-old immigrant child after she was left abandoned in the river by smugglers, spoke out exclusively to CBS 4.

The rescue happened Monday when Agent Sergio Pena and other agents from the Weslaco and McAllen RGV Section were alerted that there were a group of undocumented immigrants that had crossed illegally near the HIdalgo Port of Entry.

One woman from Honduras told agents she lost her 3-year-old girl. Agents immediately started rescue efforts throughout the Valley. Harlingen Border Patrol Riverine Units and a National Guard Helicopter deployed to the area to search for the child.

45 minutes later, Agent Pena found the 3-year-old walking alone along the river soaking wet and dirty. He says he was so happy when they found the child.

“It’s very gratifying. The first thing that goes through your mind is that could be my niece, my daughter, so it’s gratifying, I’m glad we found her,” said Pena.

The child was reunited with her mother and was checked for medical treatment but was fine. The two will be taken to a processing center where they will be processed, according to their immigration status.

The mother is not facing charges for the incident.

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