Border Patrol agents say smugglers using dangerous tactics to smuggle people

    BP Agent tactics (Source: File Photo)

    Every day, undocumented immigrants try to cross illegally into the United States, but Border Patrol agents say smugglers are using dangerous tactics to smuggle people in.

    "Drones have been seen and used in order to cross narcotics and also look for agents doing their job," said Hermann Rivera, a U.S. Border Patrol Agent.

    But it isn't just drones being used in sectors around the nation, agents say carpets are also being used by smugglers.

    "Illegal aliens use carpets, they tie them around their feet, shoes, around a rope and they actually start working in order to wipe off the prints, it makes it harder for agents to track them down," said Rivera.

    Most recently, agents near Falfurrias found three ladders in a private ranch they saw was used to help immigrants avoid getting caught at a checkpoint.

    "They use them in order to cross roads where agents are able to track them down. They use it as a bridge, they lay it across the ground and they cross fence lines in order for agents not to track them down," said Rivera.

    But all of these tactics are not stopping Border Patrol from capturing thousands.

    Recent numbers released by Customs and Border Protection say this fiscal year alone, over 270,000 people have been caught illegally crossing the border.

    Many of them injured from dangerous smuggling tactics.

    On Tuesday, a man got stuck in concertina wire after scaling a wall in Granjeno, sustaining multiple injuries and had to be rescued by Border Patrol.

    "We take everything very seriously, we're here to provide a service for them. Even though they're breaking the law, we're here to help people," said Rivera.

    In the last 48 hours, over 2,500 people were apprehended by Border Patrol in the Rio Grande Valley alone.

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