Brownsville airport project delays leave residents in limbo

Nearly six months after Brownsville airport officials said they were acquiring residents' land for runway expansions, airport officials now say they've run out of funds for the project.

In August 2017, airport officials held a town hall for residents whose properties will be impacted by the Brownsville South Padre Island International Airport’s runway expansion.

"It was sort of to set the stage to get the appraisers out so we could get an idea of what the total cost of the project is, from land purchase to relocation,” said BSPIIA Director Bryan Walker. “We do relocation assistance with the program."

Residents weren't happy about the idea of selling their homes, but were told the project would happen regardless.

Now, six months since that meeting, many are left wondering when something will happen.

Walker tells CBS 4 that after doing half of the appraisals in phase one of the project, they no longer have the ability to fund the expansion at the moment.

"And right now, without putting a definitive number on it, the cost of the total project is approaching $12 million," Walker said.

Walker says it could take up to three and a half years for actual land purchase.

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