Brownsville left out of border security discussion

A Brownsville official is expressing concerns after not being invited to a roundtable discussion today regarding border security.

President Trump visited the Rio Grande Valley today and local officials from different cities in the Valley accompanied him during his tour.

While the need for a border wall was the focal point of the president’s visit, people and officials in Brownsville feel the attention was not equally shared in their county, where there are three ports of entry.

This afternoon, Senator John Cornyn and other politicians hosted a roundtable discussion where they allowed various city and county officials to voice their concerns. According to Brownsville Mayor, Tony Martinez, he was not given the opportunity to be a part of the discussion as he was not invited.

"I think if you believe in good governments and if you believe in having the people speak and believe in having the largest community among region they may want to hear your voice," expressed Martinez.

Residents like the Cortez family, believe a new wall would not make a difference. They have lived in Brownsville for over 40 years and say that since the border fence was installed on a portion of their backyard, it has not stopped any activity from coming across the border.

"We don't want the border because when they want to cross they do it. I've seen it happen at any hour of the day," said Ramiro Cortez.

Steel barriers have been standing in various areas of the Brownsville border for years and, according to residents, nothing has changed.

"I think if they send us more security and law enforcement to patrol the area it will be helpful enough because we feel forgotten on this side," added the Cortez family- a message they, and other residents in the area, hope gets the attention of President Trump.

"As you can see we have the border close to us and they should also listen to the concerns of residents here in Brownsville," the Cortez family expressed.

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