McAllen restaurant’s biggest fan gets surprise visit from CEO

A local boy gets a surprise visit from his favorite restaurant's CEO.

Jacob Rodriguez and his family visit his favorite restaurant in McAllen at least three to four times a week.

"Ever since we brought him the first time, we kept coming,” said Jacob’s mother Ana Rodriguez. “He wanted to come and, of course, we wanted to come, as well."

Rodriguez eats at Buffalo Wings & Rings in McAllen so often, he’s memorized every aspect of the menu.

"I know when it looks backwards,” Rodriguez said. “I notice that there's something wrong with this menu."

When Rodriguez spent some time researching the Cincinnati-based company, he soon wished to meet the CEO of his favorite restaurant. Once the staff at Buffalo Wings & Rings heard about Rodriguez's wish, they made sure to surprise their number-one customer.

"He said that he would love to meet him and thought maybe we can work something out," said Buffalo Wings & Rings manager Dora Valdez.

Buffalo Wings & Rings CEO Nader Masadeh stopped by the McAllen location on Thursday to sit down and eat with Rodriguez and his family, and even promised Rodriguez a gift for the future.

The Buffalo Wings & Rings restaurant staff says they were just happy to do something nice for Jacob, because he always puts smiles on their faces.

Correction: This article originally stated the restaurant was in Brownsville. This story involved the restaurant in McAllen.

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