Brownsville woman purchases vehicles with stolen identities

Update: Trevino has since turned herself in to authorities.

On Wednesday afternoon, Brownsville Police along with Texas DPS and the Department of Motor Vehicles converged on Roy’s Carros Usados on Paredes Line Road.

Officers seized the property, after the owner was charged with six felonies stemming from purchasing two cars with stolen identities.

44-year-old Maria Felipa Trevino was charged with two counts of falsifying name and use of identification, two counts of false information and forgery, and two counts of tampering with governmental records. She was wanted at the time police executed search warrants on her property.

“A victim received a letter from a wrecker service company, advising them to go and pick up a vehicle. The problem here was they never purchased the vehicle, so there’s something wrong with that picture.” Said Melissa Gonzalez, Brownsville PD’s public information officer.

Trevino has since turned herself in to authorities. Her bond has been set for 30 thousand dollars.

Customers of Roy’s Carros Usados are encouraged to contact Brownsville PD and the Department of Motor Vehicles if they suspect their identity may have been used to purchase cars that are not their own. To check your Department of Motor Vehicles record, visit

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