Brownsville's new fire chief: Meet the man behind the badge

For new Brownsville Fire Chief Jarrett V. Sheldon, public service is in his blood.

For new Brownsville Fire Chief Jarrett V. Sheldon, public service is in his blood.

"I think ever since I could walk, I've been involved with fire or around the fire department, so I think this is just a family tradition," said Sheldon.

Sheldon's been a firefighter for 24 years, starting as a volunteer in Los Fresnos.

He's spent the last 17 years in Brownsville. In 2016, he was promoted to deputy fire chief, then became the interim fire chief last year.

"I had two brothers that were firefighters. One of them passed away last year, unfortunately, and I still have another brother employed here at the Brownsville Fire Department. I've just always had that feeling that I can make a difference. I want to help people, I want to make their bad days good," Sheldon explained. "Ever since I started my fire career, I always wanted to further my education, further my knowledge and experience. The leadership of the department-- I had great mentors during my fire career and I just felt it was time lead the department."

Just a month after Sheldon was promoted to interim chief, former fire chief Carlos Elizondo turned himself into the Cameron County District Attorney's Office on charges of theft of a public servant.

Since then, Sheldon has been taking lead and on Monday, was sworn in as the new chief. Sheldon says he has high expectations for the department and wants the best for the city.

"I hope the community looks forward to a great department and a service they deserve," said Sheldon.

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