Burglary leaves Edinburg family without personal property and two puppies

The sound of dogs barking just houses down from Manny Carrizales is not only familiar, but heartbreaking.

Carrizales' home was burglarized on Tuesday morning.

Not only were some of his possessions missing, but so were his two puppies, Sophie and Jake.

"The dogs were outside and evidently, whoever broke into my back yard to steal the lawnmower, left the side gate open, said Manny Carrizales. So therefore, the dogs went out through that open gate."

Sophie, the Yorkie, and Jake, the Pug, made their way out to street, where neighbors remember seeing the pups running loose that morning.

As the Carrizales family went door to door asking if anyone saw what happened to the puppies, one neighbor claims he witnessed Sophie being picked up by a young woman.

"A lady drove up in a small silver car and asked [my neighbor] if that was his dog, said Carrizales. He said no, that's not our dog. So she took him, put him in the front seat, and left with the dog. And unfortunately the other little dog was not with that one."

Carrizales says there have been occasions in the neighborhood where burglaries have occurred.

Criminals have been notorious for stealing tools and even siphoning gas from stationary vehicles.

Although the burglary of their lawnmower shocked the family, Carrizales says it's nothing compared to losing little Sophie and Jake.

"We would like to just ask if that person is watching to please understand that those little dogs are a part of our family, said Carrizales. We miss them, and we would really like to try to get them back."

Edinburg police are aware of the burglary case, and say the investigation is still underway.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of the Yorkie and Pug, you are urged to call the owners at (956) 648-8339 or (956) 385-2375.

There is a cash reward if they are returned.

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