Cameron County property tax deadline extended

Haven TMt paid your property taxes?If you live in Cameron County, then you TMre in luck.Turns out you have a couple of extra days to help meet that deadline.Normally taxpayers have until December 31st to pay their property tax and receive their 1% discount.However, this year the 31st falls on a Friday and will be a county holiday, meaning offices will be closed.Because of this, county officials have given residents until the 3rd of January, to pay their property taxes and get that 1% discount.Individuals, who pay their taxes by mail, must have it postmarked by January 3rd.If for whatever reason you cannot afford to pay your taxes in full, the county has payment plans available to help you out.All you have to do is sign up at the Tax collectors office or call 956-544-0800 or head to their website at
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