LISTEN: Scammer calls Cameron County Sheriff's Office

Cameron County Sheriff Omar Lucio warned the public Friday about a scammer posing as a detective for the Cameron County Sheriff's Office.

Have you received any calls from a detective asking for $1,000 for a missed jury duty date?

If so, you may have been the subject of a scam, according to Cameron County Sheriff Omar Lucio.

A man claiming to be "Detective Garcia" has been making scam calls to individuals, saying they need to pay a $1,000 fine for a missed court date or risk being arrested.

"Detective" Garcia's luck ran out when he called an actual official from the Cameron County Sheriff's Office. His name? Investigator Garcia.

Listen to the audio below:

Investigator: Hello
Scammer: Yes, I need to speak with Esther Lunes, please.
Investigator: Who's speaking?
Scammer: This is Detective Garcia.
Investigator: Okay, from what agency?
Scammer: Cameron County Sheriff's Office, sir, and who am I speaking?
Investigator: This is Investigator Garcia with the Sheriff's Office.

The Sheriff's Office reminds the public that only judges have the authority to impose fines or issue arrest warrants.

If you receive a call from (956) 274-0900, hang up and report it immediately.

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