Cameron County tax payers unhappy with service at Brownsville office

Locals who visit the Cameron County tax office in Brownsville on Southmost Blvd. say they are unhappy with the service.

Locals who visit the Cameron County Tax Office in Brownsville on Southmost Boulevard say they are unhappy with the service.

Some say they waited in line for close to two hours, only to be kicked out when the office shut down for the day.

"I waited over an hour outside," said Maribel Ramirez. "Maybe nine people in front of me. We didn't make it to the window by 4. We got kicked out; we had to leave."

Fifteen years ago, Cameron County opened the office on Southmost Boulevard to bring more service to the area. There are two one-person offices in Brownsville. Both are housed in the Brownsville police department annex buildings.

"It's not open normally like our other offices, because we're there at their requirements," said Cameron County Tax Assessor Collector Tony Yzaguirre. "One of the requirements is to close at four o'clock."

One person waiting in line said adding at least one more employee could make service go faster.

There are other methods to paying property taxes, such as paying online, sending your taxes by mail or using the on-site drop-box.

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