Cameron County to open breast milk bank

The Cameron County Commissioners Court approved the installment of the county's first milk bank to be located at the San Benito WIC Clinic.

Cameron County recently approved the installment of a breast milk bank at the San Benito WIC Clinic.

The site is in partnership with the Women's Milk of Austin and aims to help feed babies across the Rio Grande Valley.

WIC clinic interim assistant director Claudia Soto says breast-feeding mothers who are willing to donate their breast milk will have to complete a four-step process before donating.

Soto said this is the first time the county has offered the much-needed service to the public.

"This year, the milk bank was able to send pasteurized, processed milk to 130 hospitals in Texas and 22 hospitals out of state," Soto said. "So there's a need for donated human milk."

Women will be able to have access to the milk at no cost, as long as they have a prescription from a doctor.

The milk bank is expected to open in December.

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