City of Brownsville plans to crack down on illegal dumping

The city of Brownsville plans to install 11 cameras throughout the city to deter illegal dumping.

If approved on Tuesday, the city of Brownsville plans to install cameras throughout the city in an effort to deter illegal dumping.

Brownsville resident Modesta Villarreal says stacks of unwanted items is not only an eyesore, but the trash is attracting unwanted guests.

"It's bad because it accumulates animals, mosquitoes, rats, and other stuff and those animals find places where there's trash," Villarreal said in Spanish.

City leaders plan to place 11 cameras near certain areas to combat the growing problem. Currently, those who are caught illegally dumping items can face a fine up to $2,000, but the city is considering doubling that price.

“We’re looking at some internal processes so we can try to prevent illegal dumping from the very beginning,” said Brownsville Interim Assistant City Manager and Public Health Director Arturo Rodriguez.

Rodriguez says most of the items found near the sites are debris, tires and unwanted furniture. With the new cameras, the city hopes to catch the culprits.

"Once we have the cameras, we’re going to be in a position to see how much of this stuff is being dumped per person,” said Rodriguez.

For Brownsville residents wanting to get rid of bulky items, Rodriguez recommends disposing them at the city landfill or calling the city at 956-546-HELP.

Brownsville commissioners will vote to approve the installation of cameras on Tuesday.

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