City of Edinburg continues to tackle drainage issues

(Source: KGBT Photo)

Anticipated rain has several people on edge after devastating floods last year. But one neighborhood in Edinburg is relieved as the city installs bigger pipes to help the flow of water.

Fountain Park in Edinburg is a popular location for many, and residents like Victor Garza knows when it rains, it floods.

"If it rains 20 to 25 minutes, all of this floods completely," said Garza.

The City of Edinburg recognizing the problem saying, "That was one of the problem areas that we had during those rains," said Mayor Richard Molina.

Molina said various drainage projects are underway and Fountain Park is one of them.

“You don’t see a lot of that work, it’s not a vertical project. It’s not up, you can’t see the movement but it’s more of a underground project,” said Molina.

According to Molina, Fountain Park has been a problem area for Edinburg for decades. Now they will be installing new pipes, which are bigger than the ones that are currently underground.

400 feet of new pipe will be laid on 22nd Street and Kuhn Street relieving some of the flooding that has happened in the past.

This is just the 3rd project out of 10 planned for this year, costing the city a total of $39 million. It's the most leaders have ever spent on infrastructure.

"Our staff got together, with their team along with engineers, and they decided, that was one of the top four problems areas in the entire city. That is why we allocated money to fix that issue," said Molina.

Molina says with the city’s growth; these infrastructure projects are essential.

Garza said with the new pipes, the water will drain faster, cars won’t get stuck and it will help the school, which lies on the end of the street.

The next groundbreaking is scheduled for next month in South Central.

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