City of Los Fresnos working to improve irrigation system

    City of Los Fresnos working to improve irrigation system (Source: KGBT Photo)

    Flooding is a common concern echoed by those living near a canal in Los Fresnos.

    "When just the rain has came, we almost got flooded," Jessica Juarez, resident in Los Fresnos, said.

    Maria Cerda, who has been living in Los Fresnos for the last 20 years, says flooding is a constant battle.

    "It kind of floods really quick. It comes all the way to my garage and last time it went all the way inside my garage," Cerda said as she talked about the flooding problem in her neighborhood.

    "It's very difficult to come in and out. You have to park by the mailboxes and walk in through the water. You have to either be here until the water recedes," she added.

    So when the chance of rain appears, Cerda takes precautions before the first drop hits the ground.

    The concern over flooding has also caught the attention of city administrators and the Bayview Irrigation District, who are now working on a solution.

    "The agreement we made with them is that we can use it as drainage to help with some flooding areas," Mark Milum, Los Fresnos City Manager, said.

    Milum says right now both entities have agreed to have an underground canal that would benefit both the irrigation district and the city with the issue.

    "We can also put another pipe beside it to drain so we've got access to property then, so it’s a super win-win for all," he added.

    Which is what many residents like Juarez hope is fixed for their safety.

    "Well I'm hoping that it does get better because the weather has been weird these last few years and God forbid that a hurricane comes," Juarez said.

    Milum says they have applied for a grant to help with the cost of this project.

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