City of McAllen to complete new softball complex by this summer

A $4 million “state of the art” softball complex in McAllen is expected to be completed by this summer.

The city of McAllen is currently working on a $4 million softball complex.

The new complex is part of a $15 million bond McAllen residents voted on and approved in 2013 for youth baseball and softball.

"We saw that there was an unmet need to keep our softball teams here in the Valley. They normally travel up north to play in tournaments, and so we felt that by providing a softball complex we can keep them here and play in their own back yard," explained Denny Meline, Assistant Director of Operations for McAllen's Parks and Recreation department.

In July of last year, the baseball complex was completed. The softball complex is expected to be completed by this summer.

Meline describes this new complex as, "a state of the art facility in our region."

Janie Rios, whose daughter plays softball, says she looks forward to the opening of this complex as her daughter and teammates will be able to play in better conditions.

“Some fields are good, some are not that great,” says Rios of the current fields around the Valley.

The new facility will have 6 fields for softball- a site the city says will bring more tourism to the area.

“I think we are going to get a lot of play. A lot of organizations are going to be interested in coming down,” says Meline.

The complex will be completed by May and will be open to the public in the fall.

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