Mission City Council approves helping federal employees during government shutdown


UPDATE: The Mission City Council has approved to give federal employees an extension on their utility bills until the government shutdown is lifted.

If you are a federal employee who lives in Mission and have any questions about your utility bills contact Belinda Gonzalez, Mission Water Utility Supervisor at (956) 580-8660.


There is some hope for federal employees who call the City of Mission home.

At 24 days and counting, the government shutdown is affecting federal employees all around the country, including those who call the Rio Grande Valley home.

"We still have expenses, gas, child car, we got to buy groceries," said a furloughed employee who wished to remain anonymous. "You know, it's going to be very difficult."

Mission Mayor Dr. Armando O'Caña is hoping to help those affected who live in his city.

"I am asking them to assist in waiving the water lines, the water rates, sewer rates, the garbage rates for all federal employees," said Dr. O'Caña.

Dr. O'Caña has put an item on the city council agenda for Monday evening in hopes the rest of the council will agree with his decision.

Item 3.19 would grant an extension on utility bills to federal government employees affected by the shutdown.

"Not having federal agents around, it hurts. We hear they're coming in at their own expense, but we're seeing the skeleton crews, we're seeing the direct impact," said Dr. O'Caña.

One furloughed employee did not want to show his face on camera, but says he's grateful for the help from his city because he knows many of his coworkers are worried.

We will update you on the results if the item was passed.

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