City of Palmview delays decision on new mayoral election

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    The Mayor-Elect of Palmview was elected to the position last month surrounding much controversy.

    During the election, Rick Villarreal's name was listed on the ballot as the automatic winner, without an option to vote for him. The Secretary of State's Office told CBS 4 that Villarreal needed to receive at least one vote to be duly elected.

    The city attorney, Eric Flores says he advised city council members and city manager to have a special meeting, discussing the formal opinion of the Secretary of State.

    The city council scheduled a special meeting Monday night to discuss the next steps for the mayor-elect, but it was cancelled.

    Flores told CBS 4 they were waiting on the written opinion from the Secretary of State's election division, which was expected to come in on November 30. However, they received it Monday morning.

    Flores says it was in the city’s best interest to cancel the special meeting to allow him to review to the opinion and advise the city council members with enough time.

    The special meeting would have gone as scheduled if the written opinion was received on November 30, like expected.

    "It’s going to be up to the council if they want to hold another special meeting between then and now. My advice to them would be go ahead and conduct their next meeting on December 18," said Flores.

    The city attorney says, he still needs to advise the city council on what to do next. According to the city charter, there still needs to be a special election for the result of the mayor's vacancy.

    “On behalf of the city council, I can assure you and the residents of Palmview that business will continue, according to state and local laws,” said Flores.

    CBS 4 is waiting to get the Secretary of State written formal opinion from the City Attorney.

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