City of Weslaco working to reduce response time with their newest fire station

    Weslaco fire station (Source: KGBT Photo)

    The city of Weslaco will begin construction on their newest fire station next month despite a major delay.

    Eight months after construction was supposed to start, the city will finally break ground on their newest fire station in April.

    "There was a slight delay there in the summer because the focus was on our recovery efforts from the flooding we had in June," said Antonio Lopez, Weslaco Fire Chief. "We are strategically placing that station on the north side, which gives us the same response to the west and to the east - 2 miles one way, 2 and a half the other way."

    As the city grows, its goal is to expand emergency response crews to the north side of town, eyeing FM 88 and Mile 11 as the station's new home, and in two years, will replace Fire Station 1 off Airport Road.

    "The commission and the mayor came to the understanding that the need for a new fire station further north of the Expressway was needed due to the population and the potential growth of the city of Weslaco in the new future," Lopez said.

    Lopez says not only will response times improve in rural parts of town, but so will their insurance office rating, a score that determines how well a local fire department can protect the community and affects home insurance rates.

    "We consolidate that response into one house but adding double the manpower and double the engine capacity, so that in turn will give us growth within the north side of our district. But it's also going to give us growth and potential to impact the city as a whole," he said.

    Lopez said they'll more than likely see that first fire truck roll into the new station this December, that's when the city celebrates its 100th birthday.

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